Introducing the sliced Liège waffle

We’re delighted to introduce a new product to Avieta’s lineup of baked-in-Belgium waffles: the sliced Liège waffle. The waffle is a new iteration of our original Liège pearl sugar waffle, conveniently sliced in half for use in sandwiches, burgers, and desserts.

This innovative product was created in response to popular demand. When we heard that people wanted to use our Liège waffle to make burgers, we realized we could adapt the product to make it even easier to use for all manner of burgers, sandwiches, and sandwich-like desserts. The result is the same irresistibly rich and buttery Liège waffle, studded with pieces of caramelized pearl sugar, in a pre-sliced format. On one side, you’ll find the deep pockets of a typical Liège waffle; the other side is flat for easy assembly and eating. A win-win for both our customers and their end customers!

As with our other authentic Belgian waffles, the sliced Liège waffle is baked in Belgium using the finest-quality ingredients and flash frozen for freshness. It tastes great either heated up or served at room temperature, and lends itself to countless savory and sweet menu options: hamburgers, chicken burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, dessert sandwiches… the options truly are endless!

Avieta USA’s sliced Liège waffle is now available at Dot Foods.