Small country, great food

Belgium is home to some of the world’s most beloved foods: chocolate , French fries, beer and of course , waffles. Adopted by Americans as a low cost breakfast dish, waffles in Belgium are something else entirely- rich and flavorful, enjoyed any time of day, topped or unadorned, as a decadent dessert or convenient snack. These authentic , baked-in-Belgium waffles are our speciality and we delighted to be the first Belgium waffles Baker to introduce them to the broad Food Service US market.


Made with pride and passion

We do one thing and we do it well: making premium waffles is our raison d’être. Family owned , we strive for excellence in everything we do, from our faithful adherence to traditional recipes and baking processes to the way we run our company. We are dedicated to nurturing the savoir-faire of our expert bakers and investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing. For more than 80 years, we’ve poured all of our passion into creating products of the highest quality.

How it all began

Our roots stretch back to 1936, when baker Gerardus Leenaerts began selling traditional tarts and breads from his shop in eastern Belgium. Business boomed, and Leenaerts founded Narda, a company that specialized in sugar-dusted waffles and spéculoos (spiced cookies). Meanwhile, an orchard named au Verger du Vieux Tauve—or Avieta for short—grew from a small producer of fruit-filled waffles into a highly sought-after manufacturer of Belgian waffles. Eventually, these two companies would join forces to become Avieta, the country’s leading maker of premium waffles.

We bake everything in the hearth of Belgium

We operate 3 modern bakeries, one is located in Zonhoven, and two in Vinalmont, where our Head Office is also located.

For international information

Vinalmont 1 & 2

Vinalmont 1 & 2